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Prof. Dr. Johannes Becker


Wilmergasse 6-8
Room 2, ground floor
48143 Münster
 +49 - (0)251 - 83-22871 (G. Musiolik)

Office hours: by appointment

U Münster, Institute of Public Economics (Director)
Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation (Research Associate)
CESifo Research Network (Research Affiliate)
MATAX Scientific Board Member

CV (short):

since 2010: Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute of Public Economics at the University of Münster
2009-10: Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Munich
2008-09: Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation
2008: Economics PhD, University of Cologne
2003: Diploma in Economics and Political Science, University of Cologne


Current research:

Behavioral effects of withholding taxes (with J. Fooken and M. Steinhoff)

Experimental sharing markets (with G. Jakobs and M. Steinhoff)

Taxation with two instruments – and tax evasion (with Sam Bucovetsky and Jay Wilson)

Tax induced risk-shifting within multinational enterprises (with N. Johannesen and N. Riedel)

Fungibility of public funds (with D. Hopp and M. Kriebel)

Recent publications:

(2014) Tax accounting principles and corporate risk-taking, Economics Letters (with M. Steinhoff)

(2014) Strategic trade policy through the tax system, World Economy

(2013) Multinational firms mitigate tax competition, Economics Letters (with N. Riedel)

Working Papers:

Negotiated transfer prices (with R. B. Davies)

Fiscal equalization schemes under competition (with M. Kriebel)

Learning to tax – Interjurisdictional tax competition under incomplete information (with R. B. Davies)

The economics of advance pricing agreements, CESifo Working Paper No. 5079 (with R. B. Davies and G. Jakobs)

A negotiation-based model of tax-induced transfer pricing, CESifo Working Paper Nr. 4892 (with R. B. Davies)

Bidding for firms with unknown characteristics, CESifo Working Paper Nr. 4806 (with A. Schneider)

Taxation of firms with unknown mobility, CESifo Working Paper Nr. 4012 (with A. Schneider)

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